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23-Seater Electric Resort Car

To retain the royalty of your guests, you have to meet their low-carbon lifestyle and satisfaction in tours. For larger golf courses, resorts, sightseeing spots, airports or government bases, Marshell’s electric resort cars will always be with you to move your guests around in leisure and comfort. Marshell is dedicated to individual markets with full service and support to match.


1. Standard color: White; arractive design and powerful in appearance, with strong carrying capacity and lower noise;
2. Standard feature: Front and Rear lights; Rear View mirrors; Electric Horn; Rustproof body structure;
3. Small turning radius; and smart steering system; Whole style steel rear axle;
4. Can be easy modified to transportation vechicles;
5. CE certificate for whole carts;
6. Import main parts: US batteries( From USA) and Curtis controller(From USA);
7. Four wheels hydraulic braking system and independent parking brake.


Seating Capacity: 23 person
Max Speed: 25 Km/h
Travelling Range: 120 Km
Climbing Capacity: 15%
Braking Range: 6 m
Min Turning Radius: 8.5 m
Carrying Capacity: 1750 Kg


Power Source: 51V DC
Motor: AC 51V 9KW
Horsepower: 3.3 kW rated
Controller: DC72V550A
Charger: 2 X 72V 25A
Battery: 24 X 6V
Rear Axle Ratio: 13.06:1


Steering: Rrecirculating-ball steering
Brakes: 4-wheels hydraulic braking
Tires: 195/70R15
Ground Clearance: 10 cm
L x W x H: 560 x 210 x 221 cm
Gross Weight: 2130 kg
Accessories: Speedometer, DC system

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