battery electric fire fighting truck

fire fighting truck

electric fire truck

battery power fire truck


2-Seater Electric Fire Engine

Emergency happens all the time. For larger golf courses, resorts, sightseeing spots, airports or government bases, Marshell’s electric fire engine, equipped with water pump and fire fighting tools, will always be with you to save the emergency. Marshell is dedicated to individual markets with full service and support to match.


1.There are multi-functional, multi-purpose, appearance, ride comfort, driving smart features;
2.Both sides of the open cockpit design to facilitate the operator to get off;
3.The vehicle has a strong safety, comfort and maneuverability;
4.Applicable to the streets, communities, factories, schools, places of scenic spots, such as fire, security patrols, law enforcement.


Seating Capacity: 2 person
Max Speed: 20 Km/h
Travelling Range: 80-100 Km
Climbing Capacity: 10%
Braking Range: 6 m
Min Turning Radius: 6 m
Carrying Capacity: 800 Kg


Power Source: 48V DC
Motor: DC48V 4KW
Horsepower: 3.3 kW rated
Controller: American Curtis
Charger: Chinese brand charger
Battery: 8 X 6V 225Ah
Rear Axle Ratio: 16.99:1


Tread: Front 1180 / Rear 1200(mm)
Brakes: 4-wheels hydraulic braking
Tires: 145/70R12(front); 155/R12C(rear)
Ground Clearance: 15 cm
L x W x H: 370 x 145 x 217 cm
Gross Weight: 1150 kg
Accessories: the whole fire fighting parts

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