4 person golf cargo cart

electric golf cart with cargo box

electric cargo transfer cart for golf

4 person golf utility cart


4-Seater Electric Utility Car

To retain the royalty of your guests, you have to please them with your facilities always in top green condition. For larger golf courses, resorts, sightseeing spots, airports or government bases, Marshell’s electric utility cars will always be with you to do the tough jobs of hauling heavy items, cleaning up debris, or delivering goods and parcels. Marshell is dedicated to individual markets with full service and support to match.

Power Supply

Seating Capacity: 4 person
Battery: 8V170AH*6
Motor: 48V 4KW
Controller: 1268/48V400A
Charger cable: SI 32 standard,Automatic rolling device


Suspension: Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Steering: Self Compensating "Rack&Pinion" Steering
Braking System: Hydraulic
Parking brake (hand lever): based on rear wheel drum braking


Max Speed: 30km/h with programable speed limit
Maximum Travel Distance: 60km
Carrying Capacity including occupants and cargo: 460KG


  1. Cargo bed inner dimension (L*W*H) (mm) (Minimum): 750*750*220
  2. Cabin: full enclosure; rigid roof; rigid doors and windows; rigid rear wall tampered glass front windshield approved by ANSI Z26.1 standard; tampered rear glass approved by ANSI Z26.1.
  3. Wiper motor.
  4. Side rear view mirrors; cabin rear view mirror;
  5. 3 points inertial safety belts.
  6. Front bumper.
  7. Rear bumper.

Electric Accessories

  1. Charge meter/indicator.
  2. Hour meter.
  3. Roof light bar: with 2 LED lights on each side and yellow flashing light in the middle.
  4. Lights; horn; turn signals; reverse warning buzzer.


  1. All electric systems should be water protected.
  2. No moving ability when charging.
  3. Regenerative anti rolling down ability.
  4. Regenerative braking system.
  5. Brake light.
  6. Hand brake electrical power cut: pull the hand brake, the car not moving when press the accelerator.

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