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CBD20 Electric Pallet Truck

To give your team a green work environment in fully packed warehouses or work areas, you can fulfill your environmental responsibility while booting your team’s efficiency and productivity with operator comfort. Marshell’s electric industrial vehicles are built to fulfill the toughest jobs with easy operation, high performance, maneuverability and versatility while complimenting your team with reliability and comfort to savor the work.

The Ride type CBD-R (2000/2500KG) with small turning radius and super light steering system. Widely used in Narrow Space like small market and narrow workshop.

CBD20 Electric Pallet Truck Advantages

  1. AC drive control precision,maintenance-free, safe and reliable.
  2. High-performance hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency.
  3. HMI design of the control handle, easy for left and right hand operation, improve the driving comfort.
  4. Electronic steering systems, lightweight, low noise, more effort.
  5. Emergency reverse device, more safety.
  6. Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system.


Load capacity: 2000kg
Load centre distance: 600c(mm)
Overall width: 160 B1(mm)
Service weight (with battery): 585 kg
Fork height, lowered: 85 H1(mm)
Max. lift height: 205 h3(mm)
Wheelbase: 1420 y(mm)
Height of tiller: 1450 H6(mm)
Minimum groud clearance: 30H1(mm)


Fork outside spacing: 550/685 b2(mm)
Fork inside spacing: 230/365 b2(mm)
Battery volts./Cap: 24V/210Ah
Max. lift(unladen/laden): 25/20 mm/s
Max. travel speed(unladen/laden): 6/6 km/h
Turning radius: 1650 Wa(mm)
Max. gradability, laden/unladen: 5%/8%


Fork width: 160 e(mm)
Front tread: 365/500 b3(mm)
Aisle width for lengthways, pallets 1000x1200: 2069Ast(mm)
Aisle width for lengthways, pallets 800x1200: 1856Ast(mm)
Container quantity(1*20FT/40FT/40HQ): 12PCS/26PCS/26PCS

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