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CPD20E Electric Forklift

To give your team a green work environment in fully packed warehouses or work areas, you can fulfill your environmental responsibility while booting your team’s efficiency and productivity with operator comfort. Marshell’s electric industrial vehicles are built to fulfill the toughest jobs with easy operation, high performance, maneuverability and versatility while complimenting your team with reliability and comfort to savor the work.

CPD20E Electric Forklift Advantages

  1. AC system precise control, CAN bus technology multiple protection, safe and reliable.
  2. Powerful, driving, leading lifting and climbing performance.
  3. Overhead guard and body welding monolithic structure, the overall strength more higher.
  4. HMI design of the control handle, easy for left and right hand operation, improve the driving comfort.
  5. Small turning radius, good passing performance.
  6. Mast drop cushioning and comfortable vehicle operation.
  7. Intelligent deceleration turning design, improve the stability of the vehicle during traveling, to avoid tipping cargo. (Optional)


Load capacity/rated load: 2000kg
Overall length(without fork): 2210L(mm)
Overall width: 1070W(mm)
Height when lift: 3995H2(mm)
Height, mast lowered: 120H5(mm)
Height of overhead guard (cabin): 2180H4(mm)
Height, mast extended: 2120 H1(mm)
Wheelbase: 1400L1(mm)
Max. gradability, laden: 15%
Service weight (with battery): 3200kg


Ground clearance, unladen/laden, centre of wheel base: 125 H6(mm)
Front tread: 890W3(mm)
Rear tread: 920 W2(mm)
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork: 430 L2(mm)
Lift height: 3000H(mm)
Free lift height: 100 H3(mm)
Mast tilt angle, front/rear: 6/8 α/β(º)
Turning radius: 2010 R(mm)
Max. lift speed, unladen/laden: 400/260 mm/s
Battery: 48V/450Ah<


Max. travel speed, unladen/laden: 14/12 km/h
Tyre front: 6.50-10(solid tyre)
Tyre rear: 5.00-8(solid tyre)
Motor Drive/Lift: 8/7.5 KW
Type of drive control: Full AC
Load centre distance: 500 c(mm)

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