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Electric Street Sweeper

To provide your team with green electric machines, you can fulfill your environmental responsibility while booting your team’s efficiency and productivity with operator comfort. Marshell’s electric industrial vehicles are built to fulfill the toughest jobs with easy operation, high performance, maneuverability and versatility while complimenting your team with reliability and comfort to savor the work.


1. Electric operation cleaning system, energy saving, zero emissions;
2. Compact design, flexible operation, short turning radius;
3. Consice, visualized, easily controlled sashboard;
4. Able to absorb 50mm large particles and floating garbage;
5. One-botton operation, automatic lifting main brush systeml
6. Rocker switch to lift side brush freely;
7. Unique vacuum filtration system;
8. Imported electric system, safer and more durable;
9. High pressure spray system reduces the dust flying, easy to drive.


Cleaning Width: 185CM
Cleaning Efficiency: 97%
Running speed: 6KM/H
Dustbin Capacity: 120L
Working Efficiency: 12000M2/H
Climbing Capacity: 20%


Voltage: 36V
Motor power: 1500W
Battery: 36V 216A
Controller: 36V 20A
Working time: 6-8H
Charging time: 8H


Weight(with battery): 730KG
Dimension: 273*175*138CM
Main brush width: 87CM
Side brush width: 63+55CM
Turning radius: 1.5M
Container Quantity: 12/32/32PCS

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