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Electric Washing Vehicle

To provide your team with green electric machines, you can fulfill your environmental responsibility while booting your team’s efficiency and productivity with operator comfort. Marshell’s electric industrial vehicles are built to fulfill the toughest jobs with easy operation, high performance, maneuverability and versatility while complimenting your team with reliability and comfort to savor the work.


1. Large tank capacity (75L); 
2. Ultra-quiet design;
3. Magnetic induction control system;
4. Stop suction delay;
5. special drainage features, to ensure drainage failure rate is zero functionality;
6. Brush attached to a pressurized system tray, suitable for a variety of work environments;
7. The whole short-circuit intelligent protection; motor negative overload;
8. Squeegee automatically reset to achieve the most perfect water effects.;
9. Anti-corrosion materials imported specialty tanks;
10. High-precision diamond gear reduction.


Cleaning width: 66 CM
Cleaning Efficiency: 3800M2/H
Running speed: 6.5KM/H
Cleaning Efficiency: 3800M2/H
Brush pressure: 30KG
Sound: 68DB


Voltage: 24V
Motor power: 1800W
Battery pack: 4*6/210Ah
Driving mode: real axle driving
Brush motor: 2 X 400W
Battery woking time: 3.5H


Weight(with battery): 270KG
Dimension: 129*61*108CM
Water box capacity: 70L
Sewage box capacity: 75L
Packing: 136*72*122CM
Container : 12/24/48CPS

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