golf cartElectric vehicle is not environment friendly and save fuel money, and they are cheap, low cost, no driver's license, have been gradually recognized by the majority car lover. While, battery life is a serious problem has plagued everyone.

Battery life is generally 1~2 years, good maintenance is of good to prolong the life, yet, short battery life comes from poor maintenance. Thus, what are the factors to impact the four-wheel electric vehicle battery life. Marshell gives you detailed answers.

First, insufficient charging.
Some young people don't pay attention to the maintenance of electric vehicles batteries. They charge when they don't drive while unplug the charger when driving and don't care if the battery is full. It seems convenient but does much harm to the battery. And that, the battery is not full for many times when it is charged, time passes, the chemical reaction is insufficient, leading to reduced capacitance, naturally driving distance will reduce.

Second, the load is too heavy.
A light weight person riding the electric vehicle than the heavy weight one consume power much lower. Thus, the light weight driver charges fewer times than the weight one. The battery will be damaged after charged too many times so the charge. Please don't always load much when driving.

Third, over-discharge then charge
It may be right for other batteries to over-discharge then charge, but not OK for electric vehicles batteries. It will damage the This charged for other products, but is not suitable for electric vehicle batteries. Because electric car batteries can not be over-discharge, otherwise it will damage the battery activity if over-discharged, result in chemical reactive problem, and them reduce the electric capacitance.

Fourth, use old and new batteries for vehicles at the same time.
Some families used the combination of the battery, result in that some batteries are used out while some are not. Please don't use old and new batteries at the same time, or the new batteries are damaged and also there may be safety problem.

Marshell's battery has 50% longer lifetime than other ordinary batteries, fully charge just needs 8 hours, continue the mileage 100KM.