photo2At the beginning of Augest, Marshell offerred electric sight seeing car into the downtown section of Zhaoqing City Volunteer Association, communities, schools, squares, supermarkets and other places to provide volunteer services including Love Medical Kits, Emergency Telephones, Lost and Found, Aid Station, Love Sewing KitS, Mobilephone Charging Stations, Love Umbrella Shuttle Service, and Wireless Network Information Query, Travel Maps, Bus Transfer consults. Beneficiaries for the general public masses.

Marshell's modified electric sight seeing cars are equipped with display screens, love medical kits, emergency phones etc devices. Learn from the person in charge of volunteer services, they will be stationed 365 days a year during 9: 00-11: 30 and 15: 00-18: 30. Marshell's electric sight seeing cars provide great convenience to the Love Service for masses.

Marshell workers said, Marshell electric sight seeing cars are with advantages of good-looking appearance, superior performance, energy saving, and suitable for attractions, parks, hospitals, pedestrian streets, airports and other public places. Tens of thousands of annual sales, is the industry leader in tourist sight seeing vehicles. The Zhaoqing volunteers spread love and civilization, have far-reaching significance to improve Marshell brand image.