As reported from Newsline of CNR, Beijing National Stadium Bird's Nest is prosperous with large influx of people because here will be held an important sporting competitation, the World Athletics Championships. During this time, Marshell, appointed as the only supplier of electric sightseeing shuttle vehicles for the sports competitation, will take the responsibility for carrying athletes and audiences and their tourism.08211

As far as we know, the World Athletics Championships is one of the three international most significant sports competitations, also the largest scale Individual Sports Competitations helded by the IAAF. The World Athletics Championships coming into China for the first time in 2015, will be helding in Beijing National Stadium Bird's Nest from 22th Aug. to 30th Aug. Attending the sports competitation, there will be 1936 athletes from 207 countries or areas together in Beijing, competiting for 47 sports events. The athletes are the most for the World Athletics Championships 2015.


While the athletes' enthusiasm is high, the audiences' is higher. At this time, Marshell electric sightseeing vehicles contribute to the World Athletics Championships in Beijing. We hope to let more people know about, and enjoy Marshell brand and the charming of Marshell's products, excepting for the shuttle jobs for athletes and audience.08213As told from Marshell's engineers, Marshell's electric sightseeing vehicles can run 80~100km per charge for 8 hours. With advantages of good-looking appreance, and perfect performance and energy-saving, Marshell has been a leader of electric vehicles after more than 10 years' development.