As the only supplier of shuttle vehicles for the World Athletics Championships, Marshell electric vehicles have been working for the World Athletics Championships for several days, taking the responsibility of carrying athletes, honored guests, journalists and audiences.08261We found the Marshell electic shuttle vehicles pasted with Mark "CCTV5" shuttling in and outside the Bird's Nest, improving the transferring effiency and easing the traffic pressure much.08262The Bird's Nest with 333 meters length, 294 meters width and 1000 meters perimeter, make it not convenient for people's coming and going. Marshell's DN-8 electric shuttle vehicles make it much faster for athletes, honored guests, journalists and audiences to go in and outside, and do much for the cargoes' carrying.08263

The opening of the World Athletics Championships

On the opening day of the Championship, the sky above the Bird's Nest appears "APEC Blue", and the sunny and clean air give people beautiful mood. Marshell's energy-saving and environmental electric vehicles contribute a lot and are totally in according with the content of the perfect environment.