Electric sanitation vehicle is one of the major electric vehicles in Marshell. Marshell values the design and manufacture of sanitation vehicle, and manufactured electric transfer truck, electric garbage truck, street washing vehicle, mini three-wheel sanitation vehicle. In recent years, Marshell designed and manufactured electric sweeping machine and electric floor scrubber, coming out a big complete-model, good-performance electric sanitation vehicle family. And these sanitation vehicles can well meet customers' serious requirement, such as garbage transfer, street washing, daily cleaning, road sweeping work, etc.

Firstly, electric transfer vehicle. Presently, Marshell produces open / enclosed transfer truck with 6 trash cans, 8 trash cans and 12 trash cans. It's used for transferring standard dustbin, installed hydraumatic lifting tailboard to load the dustbin automaticly and fast, save the workload a lot. It increases the efficiency of load and transfer, and is one of the popular electric sanitation vehicles.08291

Secondly, electric cleaning vehicle. There are totally 3 cleaning vehicles produced in Marshell. Cleaning vehicle with PN#DHWQY-2 adopts fiberglass-reinforced plywood container, installed with high-pressure flushing equipment to flush the dustbin. DHWQY-7 can drug dustbin and dump garbage automaticly, improve the efficiency of garbage cleaning and transfer.

Thirdly, high-pressure flushing vehicle. The four wheel high-pressure flushing vehicle is mainly used for flushing the streets, with highpressure pump of 8.2KW power and max working pressure 275bar.08293

Fourthly, Mini sanitation vehicle. Marshell produces mini cleaning vehicle, electric vehicle hanging dustbin, three wheel dump vehicle, three wheel vehicle hanging dustbin, which can drive in the narrow lances.08295

Fifthly, electric sweeping vehicle and washing vehicle. These 2 kinds of vehicles are used for sweeping and washing municipal road / street and big square, which are ideal tools to replace human workload.
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