golf cart batteryMost people will always drive the electric sightseeing vehicle on the streets buying it from sellers, and never think about the correct way of use the electric vehicles, as well as how to better maintenance of electric sightseeing vehicle, to make it better for us to use and lengthen the lifetime of the electric vehicle. Here are some tips about maintaining the batteries electric sightseeing vehicles from Marshell engineers team:

Tip 1, be sure to unplug the key before charging, to turn off the electric vehicle’s power supply.

Tip 2, please do open all the battery caps when charging, maintain indoor’s good ventilation, open flame is prohibited to prevent explosion! (Charging process produces hydrogen)

Tip 3, the battery each time before charging and make sure the fluid level should maintain 5~10 mm above the grill plate.

Tip 4,the surface of the batteries should keep clean and dry, connecting cable contact firmly (contact no rust and smear Vaseline), and check the contact weekly.

Tip 5, if the batteries are abnormal, such as mileage decreased significantly, placing no significant self-discharge, you should test the batteries and take measures if neccessary.

Tip 6, if some battery cells have turbid solution or the solution level is low, you should test the batteries, and take measures if necessary.

Tip 7, generally 1 or 2 batteries failed first, you should take measures, or they will affect other good batteries.

Tip 8, not use water to clean the electric controller or fuse holder, you can use a brush or high-pressure gas dust remover instead.

Tip 9, inject the distilled water special for battery (International standard 20L plastic barreled distilled water) if the solution is not enough. It will damage the batteries if you inject the tap water or small bottle solution etc unqualified liquid.

Tip 10, use a clean plastic cup or cups and other non-metallic utensils when injecting water. Prevent any contaminants from entering the battery.If the impurities fall into the battery, use clean wood stick not metal things to get the impurities.

sightseeing vehicleTip 11, charge enough and no stop during the charging process.

Tip 12, charge once you drive more than 15 km during the day.

Tip 13, avoid storing with power unenough. Battery must be fully charged before idleness, charge every 15 ~ 20 days during the idleness.

Tip 14, charging order: Connect charger to vehicle body, cnnect 220V power supply, open the charger switch (inverse operation after full charge).

Tip 15, the connection cable with the charger should be more than 3 square millimeter and power supply connecting the chargers should reach 16A like qualified cabinet models air-conditioning socket. The socket should only connect the charger and no other chargers. The cable between charger and battery can be longer randomly.

Tip 16, Someone have duty to take care within one hour when starting charging, the charging cable is not qualified and stop charging if cable is hot and soft.

Tip 17, do not attempt to repair the electrical parts if you are a non-professional and do not disassemble the batteries.Unplug the negative pole and then positive when uninstalling the batteries from the Vehicle, and plug the positive pole and then negative when installing. The cable connection can touch the vehicle body once unstalled to avoid explosion.

Tip18, it’s normal if the max mileage is short in winter; The battery may be frozen to crack if it is not full charged in winter.

Hope it can help you to maintain the electric sightseeing vehicle well after the tips from Marshell team.