If you were not sitting and watching the 9.3 Parade televised live, tour outside may be one choice for you during the small holiday during 3rd to 6th Septemper.

People went into all kinds of large size scenery attractions, around parks and zoos with convenient traffic are more popular in the three-day holiday. Marshell electric sightseeing cars, as one scenery, were also found shuttling in the Shanghai Zoo. 09061

The zoo has complete model of animals, endless interest and good traffic condition, the passenger flow volume in holidy is three times of that in normal time. Marshell electric sightseeing cars work and help a lot for the large volume passengers in the zoo.

The Shanghai Zoo is the national large size zoo, with area 743,000 squre meters, more than 400 species animals, showed house area 47,237 square meters, and it's also the second city zoo in China. Due to traffic shuttling problem of the large size of the zoo, the zoo manager bought a bitch of Marshell's electric sightseeing cars years ago, helping the passenger shuttling problem out. The vehicles take passengers to whichever section they like because the vehicle is smart and operation easily, increasing the passenger flowing efficiency, saving much time and visiting more places. They also help zoo increase the income, good zoo image and tourists' satisfactions.09062

In the holiday, both the zoo managers and tourists thanked Marshell much that the vehicles took them into the mysterious animal world.