Mobility scooter is the perfect outside travelling tooling for elderly. Presently in the markets, mobility scooter can be electric and fuel powered, two, three and four wheel, open or enclosed. It offers great conveninence and is appreciated by old people. But, is is necessary to drive with lisence plate and driving lisence? With these questions, Marshell related stuff checked out the traffic rules, and visited transport agency and some old person.09101

The key is, if mobility scooter is motor vehicle.

Whether the lisence plate and driving lisence are necessary, It is important basis that if the scooter is motorized vehicle. All motorized vehicles should be added lisence and drived with lisence. If no plate, driver will be fined RMB200 and RMB200~2000 or even detained without lisence.

Then, if the mobility scooter is motorized vehicle or not? Motorized vehicle is powerplants engined, running on road, be seated or transferring cargo. Non motorized vehicle is the vehicles running on road with human or aminal powered, and the disbaled vehicle and electric bikes with powerplants engined but max speed, unloaded vehicle weight and vehicle size are related standard. According to the Motorized Wheelchair Standard, motorized wheelchair is combustion engined, designed for disabled, displacement less than 150ml, max speed no more than 50km/h, and with size less than 2.5m*1.2m*1.4m.

Thus, the fueled vehicles are all motorized vehicles except for the vehicles meeting the Motorized Wheelchair Standard, including enclosed four wheel fueled mobility scooter. For electric bike, two wheel electric bike and and electric wheelchair belong to non motorized vehicle while the three wheel and four wheel belong to motorized vehicle.

The report shows that, 2/3 surveyed people think the mobility scooters don't need a driving lisence and lisence plate
From the Traffic Department, the mobility scooter is not allowed on road and not in the scale which need one lisence plate, and Vehicle Administrative Office will not check in registered or give plate. Traffic police will punish the dirve RMB400 max once finding the mobility scooter running on road.09102

Traffic police handing out leaflets to four wheel fueled mobility scooter

Some old people told the author, "we are old and have touble with walking, and the mobility scooter gives us much convenience to go out. Hope our country gives out the related rules to allow the mobility scooter running on road"

As the investment told, public is surpport to the mobility scooter running on road, 67 percen people don't think it necessary to drive the scooter with lisence and plate while other 33 percent think so. From Baidu Knows, the mobility scooter is polular with the public, and it is one dutiful reflect to buy parent one mobility scooter.

Advice, buy small size three or four wheel electric scooter.

Author advises old people, if buying the mobility scooter, they can choose the open small size three or four wheel scooter, drive on bicycle lane, limit the speed less than 20km/h. It's better not to choose the enclosed three or four wheel scooter, or even four wheel fueled scooter.09103

Marshell mobility scooter for elderly.

Marshell mobility scooter with new design, sturdy construction, adopts international advanced controller and running system, easy operation, comfortable seated, is good outside travelling tooling for elderly.