As a new type electric vehicle coming out in the market and used for special place, golf cart offers great convenience to our daily life. It belongs to the special electric vehicle, so the faults vary and phonomena differ during use. Fault diagnosis technique is the key to repair the golf cart fast and accurately. The fault diagnosis is a set of fault-found logistic thought and examination method order come out in mind when the maintainer check the falut phonomenon.DG C22 4

Clean then check out

For the electric golf cart, many circuit fault are caused due to the work environment, such as the soft default caused by dust on the the circuit boards of charger controller, and contamination on adjustable potentiometer etc. So, clean the vehicle inside before you check out the fault.

Check outside and then inside then vehicle

It will appear outside when fault happens inside the golf cart. The outside appearance reflect accordable fault on the component inside the cart. Thus, check out the cart from outside to inside step by step, which avoid the blindness and save unexpected cost, imporve the checkout efficiency much.

Check power suppply then load

The power supply fault take a large ratio when one golf cart fails. Power supply system is the key center for the whole cart, power supply provides electric energy loading the water pump and work relying on the electric energy, so the load faults happen mostly because of the power supply blocking.

Static then dynamic

Statics is the status when then golf cart is not energized, that is, the power supply is off. Such as cables connection are correct or not, each outlet is good contact or not, cable breaking or poor bonding happens or not, compoments burn or discolor or not, etc. If all goes well, please check the cart on power-on status. Please don’t power on blindly, or it may enlarge the fault.

If you still can't find out the root problem, find one professional maintainer to repair your golf cart.