22 pieces Marshell electric vehicles arrived Moutai Distillery (National Drink of China) these days, running inside the Moutai industrial zone and adding one more bright scenery for the zone.09171

It's known that, there are 18 piece DN-4P electric enclosed cruise cars and 4 pieces DN-14 electric sightseeing cars totally. The enclosed cruise cars enhance the power much of the security team, improving the cruising speed and efficiency, and contribute much more to the protection of plant property and workers' security. While, the electric sightseeing car help shuttle the outside visitors and some inside stuff in the zone.09172

Moutai Distillery Headquater is located in Moutai Town, beside the charming Chishui River, North of Guizhou Province. Its large scale takes 22 million squre meters, composed with near 20 enterprises. Such an large zone requires more about the security cruise. It's not very convenient to deal with emergency with privous on-foot cruise becuase it's slow and low effiency. As the most noble distillery, there are many leaders and celebrities etc. visiting here, so the receiving work is not a little. To solve these problems, Moutai Distillery brought in 22 pieces Marshell electric vehicles including sightseeing shuttle car and cruise car, highly imroving the securty cruise work and experience of visitors, and improving the image of Moutai Distillery furtherly.