Electric fire truck is the new-developped product as the development of electric vehicles going in recent years. It’s of small size, multi functional, electrical engined and fuel-free, is first choice for streets, communities, factories, schools, resorts and other places of security patrols, law enforcement vehicle. More features as below for your reference.

If fire emergency occur in narrow alley houses, this electric fire truck play its important role while the large ones can’t get in. It’s three times smaller than normal fire truck ,so it can quickly enter the narrow alley to control the fire, to save time for fire brigade; if fire happens in villages, factories and warehouses, this small electric fire truck is key in a such narrow space.electric fire truck

Though the electric fire truck is with small size, it can be “small but perfectly formed”, with variety of fire-fighting equipment, equiped with a special adjustable high pressure water gun, one water tanks can store 500kg water , five 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher. In addition, fire shovel, pick ax, sharp ax, ax Taiping, car phones and fire barrels, over 10 pieces of fire "weapons" readily available. Moreover, three full-searchlight are equiped at both sides of the vehicle roof for risk-lighting. And a set of alarming device is installed on top so the staff can immediately alarm when a fire emergency occurs.

The electric fire truck, cheap, with simple operation features, can run 80km per full charge. It’s an important tool in crowded places to protect people's lives and property.