Electric sightseeing car, as its name showed, is one special four wheel electric vehicle used for tourists shuttle in senic spots, playgroud, park etc sightseeing areas, and scenic sightseeing car, tourist electric car, electric tourist shuttle car. The electric sightseeing car is powered by electric, with features of beautiful-looking, comfortable-seating and energy-saving, etc.

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Electric sightseeing car is widely used, except for the big size touring spots, the car can be used for below areas.

1. Tourist attractions, playground, large park, city pedestrian street.
In these places, electric sightseeing car shuttles tourists generously, saving time, and increasing the touring efficiency and tourism comfort. For the touring places, electric sightseeing car can improve the service level and grade, improving the touring experience and effect for tourists, so the economic benefits and running efficiency are hgher.

2. Holiday village, upscale hotel.
The organisitions such as holiday village, upscale hotel use the electric sightseeing car to shuttle clients and luggage etc, making the clients enjoy the honourable service, which is also one important way to increase the hotel attraction and clients' returning rate.

3. Villa, large communities.
Electric sightseeing car can offer good convenience for owners to go and come in communities, and it's also can patrol as an cruise car for security.

4. School and hospital.
The square sizes of the schools and hospitals are becoming larger and larger. Electric sightseeing car, used as a school bus, shuttles in the school and offer convenience for teachers and students. It can also shuttle in the hospital and take doctors and patients from one building to another one.dn 23

5. Airport, bus station, harbour and wharf.
Electric sightseeing car is available for passengers to transfer and shuttle in these areas, helps save time and avoid missing the flight or train.

6. Factory, industrial park and development zones.
Electric sightseeing car facilitates the shuttle and tour when leaders and outside visitors come, is one of keys to imporve the working efficiency and image.

7. Real Estate Agency.
The electric sightseeing car, used as a estate car, improves the good feeling and image and make contract a deal easily to some extent when the potencial house-buyers take the luxury, quiet and comfortable electric sightseeing car to check the house.