During Oct.15, 2015 -- Oct.19, 2015, the 118th Canton Fair held in China Import and Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou, as a well-known enterprises in China, Marshell president Dong Zhonghua lead Foreign trade Ministry colleagues to attend the Fair, bringing its electric vehicles, electric forklifts and electric cleaning equipment, and show the world's buyers the powerful Marshell electric vehicle technology research and development capabilities, transfer Marshell brand - Made in China.

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According to the latest statistics, on the Fair, mechanical and electrical products have more concerns, one of the first three days of electromechanical products the cumulative turnover is $ 6.97 billion, increased 8% over last year. the electric vehicles, forklifts and cleaning equipment of Marshell is very welcome at the show, there are many buyers and visitors came to inquiry, there are also curious visitors who sitting in the car to experience the fun of driving, and some people are willing to do regional agents for Marshell.

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Marshell is built in 2002, has always insisted on the principle of independent innovation, and the attractive appearance and superior performance characteristics, the products is praised all over the world, the products are exported to over 100 countries around the world, only in the country, Macy Seoul will have more than 600 points of sale, Marshell becomes the world's leading electric car manufacturer.

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