The last ten years, Marshell electric sightseeing cars sold in more than 100 countries around the world, its excellent technology makes Marshell become the world's leading manufacturer of electric sightseeing car brand. In China, Marshell sightseeing car market share has exceeded 50%. Electric sightseeing cars mainly applies to tourist attractions, parks, large communities, schools, hospitals, hotels, city walking street, airports, ports, docks, large playground, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas and other places chosen means of transport.

Electric sightseeing cars climbing ability has been questioned by the outside world, in a case loaded with tourists, can climb high slope it? Here we have to support centipede Island resort in Sanya, Hainan Island, for example

electric vehicle

Marshell electric cars take visitors sightseeing tour Wuzhizhoudao

Marshell 14 electric sightseeing cars driving in the ground, there is no pressure loaded with tourists, visitors can feel at ease in the car to enjoy the scenery along.

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Marshell electric sightseeing cars climb Wuzhizhoudao S-type high slope

From the above picture, Marshell electric sightseeing cars in case loaded with tourists, climbed the S type high slope is still no pressure, have to climb on top of a car, two behind to keep up.

Climbing Prerequisites:

1, anti-skid tires

Marshell electric sightseeing cars using vacuum radial tire, vacuum tire no inner tube, the tube type tires than a lot thicker, the surface layer of high-quality rubber, inflated appearance of tension increases, the inner surface of a certain pressure, increased its the ability to break the self-styled, once punctured, unlike ordinary tires as all the gas vent finished in an instant, it will persist for some time to ensure a complete high-speed driving time. Vacuum tire skid resistance is better, grab dungeon, to ensure that the electric car in the uphill, can firmly grip makes electric cars climbing easier.

2、Large capacity battery

Marshell electric sightseeing cars use 12 car battery, each battery 6V, super capacity to ensure a steady stream of power electric vehicles, even in winter, but also to ensure good climbing ability. Just eight hours once fully charged, can make sightseeing car exercise 100KM.

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Beautiful Appearance

3、High efficiency, high efficacy Motor

Marshell electric sightseeing cars using excitation DC traction motor with variable speed drive system. Motor seamless steel tube, high strength, durable; enameled high strength, high temperature corrosion earthquake; wear resistance, long life; safety overload design coefficient, excellent thermal ventilation; high torque output up 4.5 times, to meet the low-speed static start, climbing and other large torque demand. Good smooth start: The motor has a wide speed range, speed mode for the constant power speed by adjusting the motor excitation current, thereby changing the magnetic flux per pole smoothly for speed, low torque motor in the constant power region when a high speed, can meet the high-speed driving on a flat appearance.

electric golf cart

Climb Wuzhizhoudao S-type high slope