Whether electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars,or any other electric vehicles,enjoy a good popularity all over the world.Recently rains a lot,in order to do some help to ensure your safely riding Marshell offer you following tips,hope can do some help .

First, do not easily wade

When come across a plash do not set foot in,go by a roundabout route.If have to go through it,find somewhere shallow water pit,depth of water no more than half of the wheel .If you have to go through plash,most likely to trigger the horn does not ring, brake failure, the controller does not work properly and other issues.

Second, timely dry in the sun

After the electric car in the rain, do not rush into the battery power, this may lead to short-circuit conditions. After heavy rain, the electric car can be placed in ventilated place to dry. Insert the batteries before power-up, you should use a cloth or paper towel to wipe clean the battery and connectors, to avoid even the electricity situation.

Third, pay attention to tire in rainy day

In rainy days tire easily slipped,before you go out timely adjust the tires,the best choice is drainage pattern of the tire.

Fourth, do not slam the brakes slippery

While driving, speed do not too fast.When brake the action should be gentle.Early judge when on the road , avoid brake suddenly,to avoid bringing you injuries especially wheel spin out of control .

Fifth, dry the battery before recharge

If the battery is wet by rain unexpectedly, do not worry to charge it, charging it before it’s dry enough.

Sixth, remember park with rain cover

When park in the rainy days,you’d better cover up with plastic sheeting to protect the electric vehicle,especially controller is not wet rain.

Seven, checking controller

After wading driving, if there is not so much water go into the controller,place it in ventilated place to dry before use. If there is a lot of water go into the controller,then find a proper relevant service station for repair, prevent power supply short circuit, the transmission, the motor burned out.