Many advantages of electric patrol car makes police department use it as a patrol and law enforcement car, but most of the staff do not know about to use it properly or use it as a automobile car,in this case will make the electric patrol car overloaded,let alone extended its life; the following tips is for how to use electric patrol car properly so as to extend the period of use:

Marshell electric patrol car

1. Personnel to operate the vehicle should be trained familiar with standard maintenance personnel, avoid unauthorized person to open.

2. Regularly check and maintain the electric patrol car, travel and loss of electricity to prevent the battery storage, power loss state means no time charging the battery use, prone to sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plates, plug electric ion channels, resulting in insufficient charging, the battery capacity decreases. Idle state power loss longer, more serious damage to the battery.

3. Grasp the charging time, the battery to discharge depth of 60% -70% the best one charge, can be converted into the actual use of riding mileage, charged according to the actual situation as necessary to avoid harmful charged.

4. Electric patrol car by reason of its characteristics the product itself, its rainy day when we must prevent the use of electric patrol car controllers, batteries, motors water, do not park the car in the rain place, if the intake water, then it must be ventilated to dry after use.

5. In order to prevent electric patrol car battery water loss increases, we must not be placed directly on electric patrol car at high temperature exposure.