In recent years, there are many kinds of electric vehicle manufacturers, with the gradual competitive environment, a large number of electric vehicle manufacturers have closed down, consumers to buy electric cars has become a problem. Insiders said that, in order to avoid the safety and quality of their purchase of electric cars can not be guaranteed, you can refer consumers to buy electric cars at five quasi-side.

Marshell electric classic cart

Criterion 1 :brand

Currently, a lot of four-wheel electric sightseeing car brand. Consumers should choose the business for a long time, low repair rate, good quality, reputable brand. Purchase through ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification of enterprises, such as Maxi Er electric cars.

Criterion 2 :service

Due to the current all electric car parts not yet universal, maintenance can not achieve socialization, so the purchase of electric cars must pay attention to whether there is in the region of a dedicated service department, if the neglect cheaper service, it is easy to be fooled.

Criterion 3 :model

Electric cars generally can be divided into luxury, ordinary type, front and rear suspension type, lightweight four. Luxury fully functional, but the price is high, the general structure concise, economical and practical; lightweight, lightweight and flexible, but a short trip. Consumers in the purchase should pay attention to this point.

Criterion 4 :parts

When you purchase, the choice of the user depends on the quality of vehicle parts, such as: welding and surface frame and fork is defective, whether the manufacture of all components excellent double support is solid, whether the selection of brand name tires, fasteners Are rust.

Criterion 4 :travel range

Marshell electric vehicle travel range is around 80-100km.

In the car, the need to pay attention to see whether the appearance of intact, unharmed again after determining the test, follow the instructions that test again, check the status of the entire vehicle, to ensure quality and safety, final confirmation vehicle accessories, chargers, certificate, manual and warranty card is complete.