29th, November morning, green card beautiful crown Miss World 2015 was hold in Hainan. 120 Miss World drive around Sanya, Hainan.

Marshell electric sightseeing car

8 o’clock, the Miss word join in the flag-raising ceremony with 500 people.

Marshell electric tourist cart

When the cruise finished. Miss word seat on Marshell electric cars, drive 2 KM along Xin Feng Bridge to say hello with Citizens.

Marshell electric tourist bus

According to the employees there, when chose the transport vehicle for Miss World ride, they had lots of considerations. First is environmental protection, electric sightseeing cars is most suitable. Second is brand. In such an important occasion, vehicle safety and quality is vital, must not have trouble half-way.

Marshell electric sightseeing bus

Marshell electric sightseeing cart