Marshell Golf Cart

April 15th -19th, the 119th spring Canton Fair open in China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall, from all over the country's famous enterprises in full debut, to show their own brand. Marshell carrys electric vehicles, forklifts, cleaning equipment and electronic products, over 70 types products appeared on Canton Fair, get blitz by many international customers and friends for our excellent performance and elegant chic design.

Electric Forklifts

Marshell electric vehicle focus on independent research and innovation, with the mission of making China made electric cars go out to the world,has been trying and do efforts to improve the level of internationalization.

electric cleaning equipment

In the Canton Fair, Marshell electric sightseeing vehicles's science and technology, fashion and environmental protection and other elements,give people feeling of tall and great, many dealers come to join, International merchants are even too fond of the vehicle to let go of it,have stepped forward to serve as a temporary "model". According to the staff, there are some merchants signed the agency contract with us there direclty.

electric vehicles

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, Marshell electric vehicles can support a full range of private ordering. On the premise of ensuring the quality,appearance and configuration can be designed according to the customer's cultural background and the vehicles using place to meet the needs of customers'vehicle using.

The 119th Canton Fair