Marshell Low Speed Vehicle

The 119th session of china lmport and Export Commodities fair in the first phase today concluded. As the history of China's oldest and largest comprehensive trade event,this session of the Canton Fair, there is no accident attracted manufacturers from all walks of life competing Doo yan, Among the many manufacturers in the colorful, the most amazing people's eye than Marshell.

Marshell Electric Cleaning Vehicle

The fair Marshell atotal balance of 70 different products on display. Products involved in electric vehicles, electric forklift,electric cleaning equipment,electronic products,the four major areas, category of the most in the history of the most. Marshell as a hot factory of Canton Fair, has made outstanding achievements in the field of electric vehicles for many years. In these years and will continue to expand the innovation process, Marshell in the performance of electric vehicles,appearance made great progress, still electric forklift,electric cleaning equipment and electronic products understand the courage to introduce new, to produce a satisfactory answer.

marshell Electric Folklift

As marshell traditional flagship products-electric sightseeing cars,the Marshell exhibited electric tourist car, electric golf cart,electric cars, electric cars for hunting, low-speed electric road vehicles a variety of attractive electric vehicle. These models by exhibition has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign buyers eyes, many buyers said that"Marshell's car or as in the past to surprise people".

Marshell Electric vehicle

As a veteran of the domesetic electic car manufacturers, Marshell has been committed to the development and production of electric vehicles over the years.Over the years, under the Marshell continuous efforts of all employees throughout the country have been all over the Marshell electric cars on the scene. Some people say that the market downturn, the electric car industry is not good.But Marshell does not seem to receive much impact. Marshell charge that "the market is constantly changing, we can't wait to get better, but to learn to create the market, only by constantly improve themselves, to do with changeless should change."