Electric Vehicles Maintenance Manual

This summer is especially hot, if the electric vehicles battery maintenance and the use of four wheels drive electric vehicles cart charger improperly, which will impact the vehicles service life. Following are some instructions to maintain the electric vehicles battery and charger in summer.

1. Use the special charger; do not replace the charger randomly.

Different type of vehicles equipped with different parameters chargers, if not sure the charger detail and matched; please do not replace the charger randomly. If you need to charge the vehicles in many places, better ask the vendor specialist to equip another special charger for you.

2. Protect charger properly.

The initial design of charger is not for vehicle mounted charger use, so the present chargers basically are not suitable for strong vibration, therefore the chargers should not placed in the trunk and basket of the electric bikes. In some special case that the chargers have to be moved, then we should use foam and plastic to pack it well for anti-vibration. After vibration, the inside electric part of many chargers will be shifted, the chargers parameter will be changed and leads to the abnormal charging status. In addition, it is important to keep ventilating during charging; otherwise it is not only affect the charger service life, but also the thermal drift will be occurred thus affecting the charging status, this also will damage the battery.

3. Charge immediately.

The battery will start the vulcanization process after discharging; charging immediately can eliminate the not serious sulfide crystallization, if not charge immediately, these sulfide crystallization will accumulate to become big crystal, and gradually cause the reduction of battery capacity, shorten the battery service life. Therefore, if battery no power, please charge immediately.

4. Deep discharging periodically.

The battery processing deep discharging periodically can be good for reactivated battery; it can increase the battery capacity slightly. The general method is discharging the battery completely periodically. The way to discharge the battery is riding the bike in normal load on plain road until the under voltage protection.

5. Develop a good habit of saving energy.

When the cart is down, shut down the power as far as possible to save the electricity and avoid emergency brake. When start the cart, the electricity slowly rising, please don’t accelerate the electricity rising instantly, this will impact the battery life.

6. Pay attention to the charging environment.

For the time being , the vehicle mounted charger is designed to working in ambient temperature 25℃, so charging under 25℃ is the good charging condition. While it is few times to have ambient temperature 25℃, therefore ,it will definitely have the problem of overcharging in summer and less charging in winter. So when we charging the battery, the best way is put the battery and charger together under the ventilation and room temperature environment.( room ventilation should be good enough)

7. Utilize the maintain condition.

Generally the distributor of electric vehicles can process the maintenance; you should process the periodic check.

8. Select the high quality battery.

The battery life-span determines the cost of the electric vehicles use. So better select a large capacity battery and it is good reputation. Like Leoch battery.